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Shower Screen Melbourne Buying Guide for First-Time Buyers

Shower Screen Melbourne

Are you tired of your archaic bathroom shower arrangement that dates back to the 1950s? In some cases, all that is required to revitalize an aging bathroom is a simple upgrade to the essentials, such as the shower enclosure. Even before you begin working on other aspects of your bathroom, a brand-new custom shower enclosure with shower screen Melbourne may completely transform the overall appearance of the space.

Modern shower enclosures may also provide a lot of natural light to a bathroom, giving it a more open and airy atmosphere. The question is, how do you pick the best shower screen Melbourne for your bathroom, and what characteristics should you check for? Below, we’ve put up a handy guide to assist you in finding answers to these and other questions. Continue reading for more information.

Factors to consider when shopping for shower screen Melbourne

1. Compatibility with the current design of your bathroom

For the sake of aesthetics and practicality, it’s best to choose a shower screen Melbourne that complements the design of your bathroom as a whole, rather than starting from scratch. What are the colors of your walls? Existing tiles or other similar materials are already on the walls, or are you planning to add them? A rough or incomplete aperture in your wall may be visible if the studs are visible on the surface of the material. Before selecting a shower enclosure, you must complete the finishing of your walls.

Following that, you’ll be able to choose if you want to finish your shower walls with tile, backer board, or acrylic, and you’ll be able to measure the shower area.


Shower Screen Melbourne

2. Different glass styles

When it comes to shower enclosure designs, the contemporary homeowner has many options. Crystal clear low iron glass, which has a green tinge and will add flow to your bathroom decor, is one of the most popular types of glass. In addition to providing extra privacy, etched glass also features a distinctive etching that will help mask the central portion of the enclosure. To add interest and flare, you may also use ornamental patterns.

Other options for your shower screen Melbourne include acid-wash glass, frosted glass in various designs, and tempered glass. In addition to providing even more secrecy, these are only one of many varying types of pattern glass that you may use in your shower design.

3. The thickness of the shower screen Melbourne

Depending on the sort of enclosure you pick, you will need a different type of glass. When it comes to shower enclosures, the thicker the glass, the more durable it will be. Glass with a thickness of 6 mm is the most common choice. And this is because it works well in bathrooms that are only moderately used. On the other hand, 8mm glass can do the same things as 6mm glass, but it’s a little more durable. This glass is a great choice when utilized in a moderately to frequently used bathroom.

If you want to increase the structural stability of your construction, you should consider utilizing 10 mm glass. It is ideal for families with children who are always on the go. That’s not to mention a touch of elegance that you’ll appreciate. It is important to note that the quadrants of sliding shower screen Melbourne enclosures function well with 6mm to 8mm thick glass to guarantee that the doors glide smoothly and readily when closed. 8mm to 10mm of glass is preferred for wet rooms and walk-in enclosures to increase the structure’s sturdiness.

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Shower Screen Melbourne

4. Measurements

It’s critical to measure the entrance of your shower enclosure before ordering any shower screen Melbourne to ensure that they will fit properly when installed. Determine the particular enclosure height that you need to get an accurate measurement. Make a note of it. Using a 4-foot level, measure the width of the entrance along the curb, the midpoint, and the height of the shower enclosure you’ve selected, and make a note of the results.

After that, align your level with the left wall. A straight line from the curb to the top of the enclosure should be checked before installation. This dimension will be critical when it comes time to order your door, so be sure to take note of it. To determine the out-of-plumb measurements again, use your level on the right side of the room.

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