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Why is There an Explosion in the Numbers of Cases of IT E Waste?

IT E waste

IT E Waste

The recent explosion in the numbers of cases of it being wasted is alarming, especially for those who have an interest in how our world works. The question that arises is: why is there an explosion? And, if this trend is not going to be reversed, what does it mean for future generations?

First, some background. What is waste?

In simple terms, it is a phrase referring to waste products that are no longer useful. It includes batteries, circuit boards, computer chips, fluorescent lights, and more. For those who care about environmental issues, this is a huge problem because the materials used in modern-day electronics are considered to be hazardous wastes.

IT E Waste is classic as hazardous because they contain toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury. These chemicals can seep into groundwater and the soil. It is estimate that there are approximately 400 million electronic components that have been classify as hazardous. The effects of these chemicals on humans and the environment are not yet known.

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IT E waste

So where is the problem coming from?

One thing that is known is that these dangerous materials have to be dispose of somewhere. It has been estimate that there are between two and six countries that produce most of these dangerous products.

The first problem is that these products are very difficult to dispose of

They can contain thousands of tiny beads or polymers. These items may be solid or liquid, but not both. There are also hundreds of different chemicals and equipment that are need to process the materials, which makes the disposal process a very expensive venture. Even then, it could take years before the unwant materials are clean up.

IT E Waste

Secondly, what has been done so far to help stop the problem?

Many governments have taken measures to try to reduce the amount of waste that is produce. For example, many countries have introduce laws requiring manufacturers to use only recycle batteries in their products. This makes it possible for a company to reuse an already use battery rather than buying one new. Another thing is that most countries require a fee from manufacturers for the disposal of the products. If a manufacturer refuses to pay this fee, he has to stop production. Many have even been able to implement a ban on exporting IT E Waste from their country to another country.

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