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How to Eliminate Electronic Waste

E waste sydney

IT E waste

In general, IT E waste refers to discard electronic or electrical products. Use electronic products that are destine for resale, reuse, recycling, salvage reclamation through landfilling, and/or disposal are commonly refer to as e-wastage. These electronic and other electronic products can be discard in various ways including the following:

Many countries have enact legislation:

And programs to address the issue of IT E waste. For example, in the U.S. it is illegal for manufacturers to sell their products directly to consumers, instead, they must dispose of these products in a landfill. As such electronic and other electronic products that are purchase must be dispose of through the retailer’s or manufacturer’s site, where the product is dispose of and recycle before being return to the retail outlet.


E waste sydney

However, there is an estimate 20 billion pounds of electronic wastes that are produce globally each year. Some of these electronic wastes are not as hazardous as others and are not prohibited from being disposed of through landfills, some electronic products contain harmful elements like lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and other toxic chemicals which cannot be easily recycle, meaning that these waste products must be disposed of in an area designated for this purpose.


As a result, an increasing amount of electronic products:

are being discard into landfills. Because of the vast amount of these products. There is a need for efficient means for the removal of these materials and their waste. Additionally, there is an increase need for efficient methods for recycling these waste products.

IT E waste

To eliminate landfills:

we need to devise a system that will recycle everything that is thrown away. Therefore, we should begin a transition to an economy where electronic products are eliminate. Because if we do not do this, the earth will not be able to absorb the waste generate by such a system. Although the cost to implement such a program will be high. The cost to implement. A system that will effectively recycle all waste is relatively small compare to the costs of our current economic system.

Currently, there are many different programs:

available in which to clean and recycle electronic and other IT E waste. For example, there are waste transfer stations that can collect, remove. And transport electronic and other electronic waste products from one location to another without causing any damage to the environment. Additionally, there are specialize companies that can assist you in the process of eliminating the need for landfills.

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