Understanding the Basics of IT Data Wipe

IT data wipe is an effective software-based way of overwriting all the stored data in a computer by using zeros and Ones to overwrite the existing data on all sectors of the hard disk with new, empty data. This is done to prevent the computer system from getting damaged.

The process of hard disk data wipes usually involves three stages. Firstly, you must have to erase the hard drive with a known virus and spyware program. Once the virus has been eliminated, it will be followed by the installation of the next stage.

After the virus has been removed from the hard drive, it is then the time to install the next part of your system. This step is actually a process of “re-creating” the hard drive. The new data is then installed onto the hard drive. Finally, the operating system is installed on the hard drive for more effective protection of your valuable data.

However, before you can do this, you need to first erase all your important data. Once this is done, you can now start your computer system after the installation of your operating system.

The main reason why a computer user should perform the above-mentioned procedure is to avoid damaging the hard drive permanently. Even if you use the “normal” operating system, you still have to be very careful about your precious data. It is because most of the malicious programs are usually able to penetrate the system by the use of Trojans and other viruses. If you are not careful about your data, you can face the destruction of your data because these malicious programs will be able to extract all the information from your computer.

You also have to think about some factors when you are performing the IT data wipe. These are to avoid the computer system from getting damaged.

First of all, you should always erase the data from the hard drive after a few hours from the time you have installed your operating system. You also have to make sure that you know how to back up the files. For instance, you should store the files in some safe places so that you will be able to retrieve them again if your computer system gets damaged. Once your hard disk gets damaged, you will not be able to retrieve the files anymore.

Also, you should also be careful when you are doing the IT data wipe. Because if the software fails, there is a possibility that the whole hard drive may get erased or it will be crashed completely, which can lead you to a total loss of data.

So, you need to make sure that you know how to perform the IT data wipe before doing any operation in your computer system. so you will be able to avoid any losses.

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