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How To Handle Every Airport Parking Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

Airport parking

Each year, millions of visitors flock to the nation’s airports in search of one of the many international long term Airport parking options. However, not all people realize that they are limit by both time and space when trying to find a place to park. 

However, Airport parking can be a challenge:

Because the shuttle buses do not offer free space, so visitors will need to bring lots of cash, credit cards, or even check-cashing machines. In addition, long term parking can be very expensive, sometimes requiring individuals to pay over $100 just to secure a spot. In most cases, it is best to plan and reserve your spot in advance, so that you will not have any surprises once you get to the airport.

While it may be tempting to drive right past the airport

It is not recommended. The reason is that most airports require that drivers wait at least fifteen minutes before they can pick up travellers. Even if the shuttle buses do not offer free shuttle rides, drivers will make a split call to pick up travellers and dropping them off at the airport, so it is important to wait patiently. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that someone will drop off your car.

If possible, it is important to try to find a hotel near the airport, as the shuttle buses can get very crowded at times. However, there are options if hotels are not an option. It is perfectly acceptable to park your car at a marina, pay a small fee, and use the shuttle buses to get around the airport. 

After you drop off your car:

The attendants will assist you in loading it into the van. You can then drive out to the departure lounge and wait for your flight. If you have a pre-booked flight, all you need to do is show your passport and you will be on your way.

Once you get to the departure lounge, there might be an area marked off for shuttles. If so, use the shuttles to get to the terminal, but remember to bring plenty of money and a credit card with you so that you can buy some refreshments before the plane lands. 

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Airport parking

Many hotels have restaurants just outside of the airport building, so it might be a good idea to stop by and grab a snack or drink before walking down to the lobby. It is important to arrive on time and to not let any of the other travellers behind you rush past. After all, you never know when they might run into one of the airport personnel that works for the airline company.

There will be a sign posted that you need to go to the check-in desk.

The attendants at the desk will ask for all of your pertinent information, including your name, address, and flight information. From here, you will receive a boarding pass. It is important to have your pass immediately, as you will not want to stand in line and wait to receive your ticket. 

When you get to the check-in counter, tell them that you would like a temporary parking permit, as this is what they will be offering. They will be happy to accommodate you and help you to secure your spot.

Not only is it important to have your boarding pass handy:

But it is also important to have your photo ID and proof of insurance. You will also want to bring a pen and paper to jot down any other important information that you may need. Remember, these machines can take care of a lot of your problems, but if you have anything else that needs to be done, you should be able to do it right there in the airport parking lot.

Now, that you understand the ins and outs of how to handle every airport parking challenge with ease, you can start planning for your next trip. If you are going to be driving yourself, you will want to ensure that you have insurance coverage in case of an accident. You will also want to have a spare key for your car, as well as a spare set of keys for your passengers. This will help to keep everyone safe throughout the day.

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