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7 Explanation On Why Coloured glass splashback is Important

Coloured glass splashback

Coloured glass splashback: Simple to clean

Tiled grout splashbacks will retain grease and grime, making them more difficult to clean and unhygienic! Over time, grout will also break off, providing more nooks for covering germs and maintenance needs.


While the initial outlay can be a little pricier, Coloured glass splashback is a more robust alternative for your kitchen in the long run. Since they do not need to be re-tiled or re-grouted.

Heat tolerant & behind cooktops suitable

As your splashback usually sits behind a cooktop, with the added awareness that it can withstand the heat from your cooktop. You want it to shield your walls from any possible spills, stains and splashes. Using the toughened Glass on your splashback ensures that, without risking harm, the Glass will heat up to high temperatures.

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Coloured glass splashback


It can be a thought-provoking challenge to find the right tile for your kitchen splashback. Do you see a tile that complements or compares with the rest of your kitchen? What’s the best design, form, and colour for a tile? Will your awkwardly-shaped walls match around them? Coloured glass splashback offer nearly unlimited colour and model choices.

Digitally printed

You may also have an illustration digitally printed on the back of the coloured glass splashback for those feeling a bit more daring. Coloured glass splashback encourages you to venture beyond your comfort zone. From your beloved coastal scenery to beautiful patterned architecture, to install something eye-catching and extraordinary.

Coloured glass splashback

Reflection in light

Without extra artificial light, using a coloured glass splashback can make the kitchen look lighter during the day since the Glass mirrors the light and eliminates shadows. Your kitchen lights will bounce off your splashback at night time, brighten up the room and encourage you to cook a meal ready for a restaurant.

Glass reflection

Mirrored Glass may be the right Glass for your splashback if you are a fan of using natural light to maximize your kitchen’s look and scale. By making the most of your natural glow, the mirrored Glass will make your kitchen look more extensive and more welcoming.

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