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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shower Screens Thomastown

Shower screens Thomastown

As a faux door to your bathroom, you’ve got a plain-old shower curtain, but you’re dreaming of making a move to a proper screen door. You have to go for the glass doors over the curtain, particularly if you have a walk-in bathroom. But there are many reasons why you’ll like the shower screens Thomastown door more, even though you have a tub-as-shower combination. Let’s review these:

The look

You can’t deny the modern, elegant look of a shower door with a glass panel to refresh your bathroom. The curtains, on the other hand, appear to give them a dull sense of hum-drum. The clear glass, instead, adds light to space and also makes it look larger.

For smaller toilets, this visual sensation of extra space may be highly seductive. Indeed, the screen door is a more elegant option. In the bathroom, it can also accentuate other stunning materials, such as marble or granite.

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Shower screens Thomastown

Not dirty

During your shower session with Shower Screens Thomastown, water often tends to go everywhere. It leaks out of the tub and if you fail to put it on properly, Look for a mini flood. Cleaning it all up is a hassle, not to mention, it’s also risky. Instead, the water inside is covered by a screen door where it will not escape and clutter up the toilet.

Simple to clean

It’s swift to immediately use a squeegee after the glass doors to clean away excess water and prevent stains from being produced. Today, there is also a special coating available, which avoids mould build-up and makes washing that much easier. On the other hand, curtains cannot be cleaned well; you just have to regularly throw them out and buy new ones.

Shower Screens Thomastown


Although shower curtains are cheaper upfront, they must be changed regularly, so the shower screens Thomastown door can save you money in the long run. It is recognized that they are incredibly resilient. Besides, glass doors increase the worth of your house, so you can think of them as an investment in that respect.


Believe it or not, Shower Screens Thomastown can be toxic to human health and the environment as well. They include polyvinyl chloride, which emits toxins that inflict all types of bodily afflictions, such as damage to vital organs.

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