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Shower Screens Melbourne DIY Installation Guide

Shower Screens Melbourne

Shower screens Melbourne installation is something many people are afraid to do. Installing a new shower or bath screen is simple if you have the necessary equipment and know-how. Using this article, you’ll learn how to install a new shower screen and overhaul the aesthetic of your bathroom in a matter of minutes.

If you’re unsure of your DIY skills, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to assist you in installing your shower screens Melbourne. To keep screens level and stable, it’s best to have some assistance. The amount of time it takes to install a shower screen mostly depends on the sort of screen you’re attempting to install and your level of DIY knowledge.


Shower Screens Melbourne

What kind of screen are you going to put in the house?

Various types of Melbourne shower screens need different installation procedures. To properly install your new shower screen, you should always consult the manufacturer’s instructions before beginning the installation process.

Removing the Old Shower Screens Melbourne

Depending on your screen type, the removal procedure will be different. To remove the screws holding the metal wall channel to the wall, you’ll often have to remove the glass panel using a drill to access the screws. To remove the channel from the wall, just remove the sealant and the screws.

It’s a good idea to clean the area where the channel used to be before installing your new shower screen.

How to Fit shower screens Melbourne

To begin, let’s look at how to build a shower enclosure that includes a Shower Screens Melbourne.

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Shower Screens Melbourne

The Wall Channel Is To Be Marked

The Shower Screens Melbourne is held in place on the wall by the wall channel. First, place the wall channel 10-15 mm within the shower tray’s outside border. A spirit level is a good tool to ensure that the channel is perfectly straight before marking the holes on the wall for drilling.

Drill Holes In The Ground

Check the position of any adjacent pipelines or electrical wires before beginning any drilling. Drilling into different materials necessitates a different tool. Drill into the wall where you’ve designated the holes and insert wall plugs.

In this step, attach the channel to the wall

Secure the wall channel to the wall using the fittings supplied by the manufacturer and the holes you just drilled.

Place the glass panel in its proper place

Once the wall channel is in place, it’s time to install the glass panel. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the fasteners given by your manufacturer. The weight of the shower glass may require the assistance of a second person.

Shower Screens Melbourne

Fit the Bracing Bar

Because it will provide the shower enclosure with stability, the bracing bar is an extremely vital component of the enclosure. The first step is to connect the bar to your shower glass using the screws supplied and then extend the bar to the wall. First, check that the bar is perfectly level using a spirit level. Next, using a marker and the wall, mark through the holes in the bar, so you know where to drill. Attach the bracing bar to the wall by drilling the holes you designated with the proper drill bit.

Seal all of the exposed edges

The barrier at the screen’s borders uses sealant and a sealant gun to form a watertight seal and keeps moisture from escaping. Before using the shower again, you should wait twenty-four hours after the sealant has had time to harden.

After you have finished installing the shower screens Melbourne, you can use the same techniques described above to install any other screens that will be part of your enclosure. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed if you need to install any extra parts, such as doors or knobs.

Steps for Installing a Bath Shower Screen

Even if you’re not an experienced DIYer, you can still easily put up a bath screen on your own.

Mark Up The Wall, first

Position the channel that comes with your bath screen on the wall about 40 millimeters inward from the outside border of the bathtub. Once you’ve confirmed that the channel is straight using a spirit level, use a pencil to mark the channel’s holes for drilling.

Shower Screens Melbourne

Do the Drilling

Drill into the wall in the locations you designated with holes, making sure to use a drill bit that is ideal for the material of your wall. Before beginning drilling, you must double-check the area for any pipelines or electrical wires.

Screw the channel onto the wall

Install the channel into the wall using the mounting hardware that came with your bath screen.

Place the pane of glass in the channel

Make sure the seal is properly in place by lifting and positioning the glass into the channel until it contacts the bath. This will assist in ensuring that the seal is completely waterproof. Following the guidelines provided by the screen’s manufacturer, you may now install your screen into the wall channel.

Use a sealant to prevent leakage

After the Shower Screens Melbourne has been properly installed, you may apply sealant along the wall channel to produce a seal that is impervious to water. Before showering, wait at least 24 hours for the sealant to cure completely.

Incorporating a Variety of Bath Screens

Shower screens Melbourne can be easily installed with the help of these two manuals. Even though there is a wide variety of shower screen designs, most installations will adhere to this uncomplicated procedure.

There is a wide variety of Shower Screens Melbourne, and some of them include numerous panes that hinge together. To properly install them, you will need to consult the instructions provided by the relevant manufacturer. Nonetheless, we strongly suggest that you get some assistance.

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