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ITC AM: The Environmental Technological Development Council (ITTC) is a non-profit organization that is part of the Federal Government. It has been in existence since the year 1993 and is committed to ensuring that the Australian society at large takes good care of our environment and its resources.

What is ITC AM all about?

ITC AM is one of the top-notch agencies providing environmentally sound and environmentally friendly solutions for projects that are within their mandate of helping individuals and organizations to develop, implement and sustain green and sustainable environments.

It is also design to assist organizations such as hospitals, offices, retail stores, schools, and other institutions in setting up and maintaining green operations. As such, the organization provides efficient solutions that help individuals and organizations get involved in environmental activities.

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How does it work?

It is also an organization that focuses on the development of green technology through various means. This includes consulting and providing consultancy services to ensure that companies implement green practices while working with partners such as health care and the energy sector.

Green and Sustainable Asset Management has been prove to help in not only saving the planet but also prolonging its life. A typical example of how this works is when buying construction material from the stores, what would be the methods in which this material can be recycle or repurpose into something else. This allows people to utilize the elements in a less harmful way than previously thought possible.


The concepts of ITC AM are extensive and versatile. A few examples of these programs such as Green, Contract Management, Retailing, and Construction. The latter, Construction, is the one where the process of completing a project begins from the first stage and goes from where the project starts to the way the project ends.

How does Eco-friendly sustability work?

Greener and Sustainable Asset Management ensures that these processes are done in a convenient and environmentally friendly manner. For example, if a firm is buying the right material, they would set up their facilities to be fully automate. Furthermore, the plan is to help the construction company in operating their processes in a more environmentally sound manner.


Because ITC AM works with clients daily:

The processes that it uses to implement these ideas are fast and effective. The agency is also very efficient in getting companies up and running in a greener and sustainable manner. It offers its clients a wide range of ways to get start.  Such as Project Planning and Implementation, Scoping, Monitoring, and Program Monitoring.

In conclusion, one can see that the organization has a lot to offer green solutions to the industry. It is beneficial in getting its clients up and running in the greenest ways.

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